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Dirt cheap clip-on lapel microphone

Dirt cheap microphone

In a few days I'll be receiving two dirt cheap lapel microphones; the total cost for both is 5 bucks. The price lists for $0.01 + $4.99 shipping. 5 bucks. Yes, there is a listing where you can buy just 1 instead of 2, but it's not even worth it because the cost comes to almost 4 bucks, so for 1 extra buck you get 2. It's smarter to do that anyway just to have a backup if the first one fails.

Why am I mentioning this? Because I'm considering starting back up the dick vlog again. That, and my laptop does have a microphone port on it, so I can use the 3.5mm plug as shown above.

A periodic complaint, or rather insult, I would receive in YouTube comments for the vlogs is that wearing a headset in a video was stupid. The insult didn't say "stupid" but rather other colorful words. I figured if I'm going to give the vlog a go again, I might as well use a lapel microphone so it's one less thing YouTube commenter idiots will complain about.

Just about every commenter who complained about the headset was some dopey gamer who wears a headset w/microphone themselves when gaming. Irony at its finest. Whaaaaatever.

Anyhoo... I got a couple of cheap mics on the way. Hopefully they'll work out okay. I'm not expecting awesome sound quality. But I'm quite certain it will be far better than my laptop's internal microphone, which is absolutely awful.

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