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florida sunset

I had the sunrise photo covered, so now it was time to do the sunset.

Photo 1: Sunset, Honeymoon Beach Florida

The first photo is the all-too-typical postcard-perfect Florida sunset. This is the kind of photo you see in cubicles across America, usually put up by middle-aged women. I have seen this photo so much elsewhere that it's easy to dismiss as not being real. Believe me, it's real.

Photo 2: A different kind of cloud

To me, these clouds look odd. Cool, but odd. Not exactly wispy, not exactly fluffy. How to describe them? Skewed and with an unworldly quality to them.

Photo 3: What happens after the sun goes down

I'm fairly certain you haven't seen this before, as in the sun having already gone down but it's sunset colors still remaining. It looks like the sun is hiding behind clouds, but it's not.

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