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Possible future guitar buys

Squier Vintage Modified Mustang

Some possible guitar purchases for 2017 (or possibly this year depending on the generosity of others).

It's been a while since I've entertained the idea of buying a new guitar simply for the reason my second Jazzmaster has been working so well.

Before talking about other guitars, some thoughts on what I have now.

What I've learned by playing a Jazzmaster

The first thing I've learned is that I greatly prefer 2-pickup instead of 3-pickup guitars.

I've owned an Epiphone Les Paul Special I P90, a Schecter C-1 Classic, a Squier Telecaster Thinline, a Squier Affinity Tele and of course the Jazzmaster, all of which are 2-pickup guitars. In other words, I am no stranger to the 2-pickup electric guitar design.

Whenever I pick up a Strat now, as in the traditional 3-single configuration kind, it just doesn't suit me anymore. This isn't to say I don't like Strats because I still do, but they just don't have the magic they used to.

The second thing I've learned is that I really like 2-pickup single-coil electrics. If the guitar has 2 humbuckers, I'm just not interested in it - even if it were a ritzy Gretsch Duo Jet.

The third thing I've learned is that the offset-waist design is just the best thing ever. I really take well to it.

Two models

There are two guitars I'm interested in getting. The Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar and Squier Vintage Modified Mustang. I have played a Squier Jag in person. I have played a Fender Mustang (Japan model) in person but not the Squier version.

I would prefer to get the Mustang for three reasons. It's cheaper, it comes in a color I like that the Jag does not (Vintage White), and I agree with the Mustang controls over the Jag's.

My single biggest complaint about the Jag are the trio of toggle switches on the bottom horn. I'm fully familiar with how to use them but they're just frustrating in operation.

The Mustang has two "phase slider" switches above the pickups that allow for 4 different tones. While true you really can't do on-the-fly pickup switching while playing the Mustang, they are decidedly easier to operate compared to the Jag.

Want to buy me a Mustang?

If anyone is feeling generous, buy me a gift card for use towards a Squier Mustang. Specifically, the Amazon gift card. My email address to use with that is here.

What can I give you in return? Email me and ask, we'll work something out.

Why am I looking at Jags and Stangs?

Both are short scale electrics. Instead of the 25.5-inch of a Strat or Tele or the 24.75-inch of a Les Paul/SG/Explorer/etc., it's a shorter 24.0-inch.

Playing a short scale is different because the string tension is notably looser, resulting in things sounding different in an interesting way.

I've done the standard scale length thing and I obviously don't want a repeat of something I already own, so the short scale is the next thing to get.

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