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Rick called from Connecticut earlier today (or yesterday at the time I post this). It was cool to hear from the guy, we chatted a bit. I let him know what was going on here and he let me know what was going on there. No big whoop. No, Rick is not my evil twin. He just has the same first name as me, save that he goes by "Rick" and I go by "Rich".

Rick and I talked about some studio stuff we did a long time ago. Some good tracks came out of those sessions. I told him about the new synth I'm getting and how I'm all excited about it.

Speaking of which, today (Thursday) is the day the Alesis will arrive according to UPS. It's going to be like I'm seventeen years old all over again. YEAH! NEW SYNTH! ROCK! What would be the best word to describe how I feel about it... hmm.. giddy? Yeah. Giddy will do. I mention age seventeen because that was when I got my Ensoniq SQ-1+. Or was it sixteen. Might have been sixteen. Whatever. It was a long time ago.

I've been trying to convince myself not to get overly enthusiastic about the new gear, but I can't help myself. This is my birthday present to me, so I'm allowed. 🙂

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