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gps perks

There are times when I'm driving around that I discover unintentional perks by using GPS. One of them happens to be that GPS can act as a cheap replacement speedometer. It is never cheap if one of those breaks. But due to GPS, now it is.

Another perk that dawned on me today is the fact you get extra help during construction situations.

A few streets away from where I live there's some construction going on. When that happens, street signs get dirtied up, bent, knocked over, moved, etc. It happens no matter where the construction is.

Another thing that happens is that familiarity is taken away. When all you see are orange barrels, barriers and flashing yellow lights, it all looks the same. Especially at night.

GPS basically saved my ass once again when traveling through this construction zone. I was looking for a specific road to make a left, but darned if I could see the sign until I was literally on top of it. And by that time it was too late; I needed more notice. I looked at my GPS screen to locate it, found it and went to make the turn, but the road had been blocked off. So I looked at the screen again for where I could take another turn, found it and used that one instead.

Were it not for GPS, I would have been forced to drive way up the road, take a right, backtrack and have to do a circle just to get where I wanted to go.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, GPS is the best automotive accessory you could ever have - period.

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