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Guitar of the week #87 - Ibanez RG450MB

Ibanez RG Series RG450MB

Not my kind of guitar, but it has a few things other guitar players would really like.

The above is an Ibanez RG Series RG450MB in yellow, and the first thing to know about it is that a guitar like this back in the '80s would have easily sold for more than double its current listed price. That alone makes this guitar such a steal because you are absolutely getting more than your money's worth.

I remember seeing guitars like this in the '80s and early '90s made by Ibanez that sold for high dollars, with a few even edging into 4-figure territory.

This RG on the other hand has every feature those old guitars did for less than half the cost and you still get all the goodies. You get the mahogany body. You get the Wizard III 24-fret neck. You get the HSH pickup configuration. You get the 15.75" fingerboard radius on a maple fingerboard. You get the double-locking tremolo system.

If there was any guitar that easily holds the title of "precision metal machine", this RG is it. I don't play metal these days, but I do recognize there are plenty of metal guitar players out there. If that's you and you want what is arguably the best bang for the buck price where a metal guitar is concerned, you want this Ibanez. I've never seen it selling for a better price.

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