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Casio AW80 and AW81 (with instructions on how to set)


I bought this, sold it, then bought it again - this time for keeps.

The first thing I'll say is that the Casio AW80 watch comes in several flavors. White dial, black dial, resin strap, metal bracelet, nylon strap, different case colors and so on. The exact flavor of mine is here (along with some metal bracelet options not seen on other listings).

The AW81 is functionally the same watch as the AW80. They all use Casio module 2747.

This is the second time I've bought this watch. I sold it originally a while back, but then re-bought it because it's the only ana-digi that has all the functions I want on a cloth strap. Okay, actually that's not true. There is the Timex Expedition T45181 that also has a nylon strap, but I prefer the Casio.

Since nobody has ever documented this properly, I'll instruct how to set time/date and how to use the telememo feature.

How to set the time and date on the Casio AW80

I'm going to describe this so you can set the clock and date in the fastest possible way.

Setting the digital clock

Do this first before anything else.

Long press of top left button activates time setting, starting with seconds.

Short press bottom right button to reset seconds to zero.

Press bottom left button to go to DST (Daylight Savings Time) setting, which will either be ON or OFF.

Press bottom right button to switch DST to ON or OFF, your choice.

Press bottom left button to switch to hour setting.

Use top right button to decrease hour, or bottom right button to increase hour.

Press bottom left to switch to minutes setting.

Use top right button to decrease minute, or bottom right button to increase minute.

Press bottom left button to switch to year setting.

Set year using top/bottom right side buttons.

Press bottom left button to switch to month.

Set month using top/bottom right side buttons.

Press bottom left button to switch to date.

Set date using top/bottom right side buttons.

Press bottom left to return to seconds.

Press top left to exit settings.

Setting the analog clock

Repeatedly press the bottom left button until you see H-S on the digital display, then stop.

Long press the top left button until the digital display starts flashing.

At this point, the analog clock can be set using the bottom right button and ONLY that button. A short press increases the minute hand by 20 seconds. Pressing and holding the bottom right fast-scrolls the time forward.

The easiest way to set the analog clock is by following this example:

If the digital time reads 10:09, you know the next minute is 10:10. Adjust the analog clock to about 10:08 (it will make sense why you do this in a moment). When the digital clock shows the next minute, 10:10 and 0 seconds, you have 20 seconds to set your analog clock exactly to that minute. Adjust your analog clock to 10:10 before 20 seconds have elapsed, and both the digital and analog clocks will be perfectly synchronized.

You will notice that the AW80 doesn't have a seconds hand. You will also notice the AW80 moves the minute hand every 20 seconds (at 0 seconds, 20 seconds, 40 seconds) that follows the digital clock. This is why you have a 20 second window to synchronize both clocks to-the-second.

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Published 2022 Dec 8

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