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Jazzmaster and Jaguar easy fix for loose saddle screws

This is an easy fix for a common (and annoying) Jazzmaster/Jaguar bridge issue.

It is typical that Jazzmaster and Jaguar bridges will have their saddle screws wriggle themselves loose over time from string vibration.

A fix for this that not only keeps the screws in place but also significantly decreases bridge buzz (which is actually saddle buzz) is the use of Teflon tape.

This type of tape is typically called "shower tape" because its most common use is to seal the threads on the end of a shower pipe when installing a new shower head. (If you don't use teflon tape when installing a shower head, water will either drip or spray out of the shower head connector and all over the back wall).

Teflon tape is thin, stretchy, and just happens to be the perfect material for keeping Jazzmaster/Jaguar saddle screws in place. All you have to do is cut off a piece with scissors, put that piece on the screw, reinstall the screw and that's all there is to it.

To note, this will work on any screw on a guitar that installs into a metal hole. If all you need is just a little extra thickness so the screw stays put, teflon tape is all you need. It works beautifully.

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