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KidiZoom DX3 smartwatch tutorial and setup


I'm going to start this one with the most valuable piece of information to know concerning this smartwatch.

Quoting directly from the manual:

When the Master Power Switch is set to the Off position, the unit will not function, and the battery will not charge.

What this means is for the battery to charge, that switch must be set to ON. If that little switch on the back isn't ON, it won't charge when connected to power with the little micro USB cable it comes provided with.

Regular use of the vtech KidiZoom DX3 is to click that little power switch to ON (yes, this is shown in the video below), leave it on, charge the watch battery with the little micro USB cable, use watch normally until the battery dies, charge it up again, repeat. That's it.

This brings me to the second most valuable piece of information concerning the KidiZoom DX3: You're not supposed to turn it off unless you plan on putting it away for a long time. If for example the watch will be put away and not used for a few months, that is when you click off the power switch.

What happens when you set the power switch OFF? The date and time settings are lost when you do that, meaning they have to be reset once you click on that switch again and power up the watch.

The rest of the setup is fairly straightforward as you'll see in the video below.

Video tutorial on how to set up the vtech KidiZoom GX3 smartwatch

Published 2023 Dec 28

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