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lazy november afternoon


Above: One of the big reasons I moved to Florida. Today is November 30th. The photo above was taken around 5pm or so. It's 6:45pm as I write this, and it's 78° F and awesome as usual.

While driving to Riverview today I had yet another one of those surreal moments.

This is November?

Yeah. It's one day away from December and the weather outside is just unbelievably perfect. And when I say unbelievable, I mean unbelievable. Calm, peaceful weather. Warm and inviting.

Now granted, back up North the weather is actually doing very well (right now) for this time of year. It's in the mid-50's right now which, to be honest, people jump for joy when it's not freezing outside - especially in November.

But (and there's always a but), there's a high wind warning for the region. So as "nice" as the temp is there right now, it's more or less ruined by high winds that put debris all over the road and just screw up your day. Bleah. And as I've noted here before, cold November rain sucks. There is absolutely nothing good about it.

The best word I know to describe how I feel when encountering ultra-pleasant weather like this in Florida is surreal, i.e. "dream-like". I lived in New England for thirty frickin' years. And I was totally used to getting bitter and outright upset right after October. It got to a point where I planned on being a weather-whiner. And yeah, it was that bad. I was not a nice guy to be around from November to February. But now it's like.. wow. This is for real? Seriously? No way. No frickin' way. And yet it is.

This makes for a very happy Richard. 🙂

Published 2006 Nov 30

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