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mango passionfruit squeeze

For some reason I woke up WAY too early on a Sunday, but it served to my advantage. I ran over to the Wal-Mart SuperCenter to do all my foodstuffs shopping, and it was the easiest time I've had shopping in one of those since I've been in Tampa. The aisles were clear, the register lines were more or less non-existent and I was in'n'out of there in record time. Score. Score again because the traffic on the roads getting there was also non-existent.


I have been drinking mad amounts of Hawaiian Punch and I've almost stopped drinking fizzy soda altogether. My newest favorite drink in the world is Hawaiian Punch Mango Passionfruit Squeeze. Yes, I like a drink that has five words in its title.


Perk of living in a major metro: You have your own metro listing on craigslist. In this case, I like it. Lots of cool stuff in there.

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