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photos for 9/10/11

Today is one of those odd weather days in Tampa where color outside is gloomy-yet-not-gloomy at the same time; it's definitely a Florida thing and makes for some interesting lighting conditions. I decided to take a quick drive out and snap some photos with the 1.3MP cam on the phone.

The phone cam has three quality settings, that being Normal, Fine and Super Fine. It's normally on Super Fine, but I decided to change that to Normal just to see what would happen.

The results were interesting.

Click any below to see full size.

P09-10-11_14.29[1] P09-10-11_14.32[2] P09-10-11_14.38[1] P09-10-11_14.42[1]

What's different from the last time I posted photos from the phone is that these are all completely untouched. What you're seeing is the native way the phone takes photos, and what happened is something some photographers would pay thousands of dollars for just to get this kind of image result.

The best way I can describe them (at least for the first three) is that they have this late-1960s film look. Somewhat sepia, somewhat grainy, soft, dark, mismatched colors, etc. It's something that I never expected but said "COOL!" when I saw them later on the computer, because they look like they were shot on real film.

What's crazier is that I just shot these at random while at stoplights, save for the last one.

Speaking of the last one, which are mail pods, what you'll notice is that the blue sticker actually shows the old USPS eagle logo. They don't use that anymore and haven't for years.

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