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The pick punch pack is a cool and affordable Christmas gift for guitar players

Pick Punch

If you've run out of ideas for what to buy as a gift for someone that loves the guitar and want something affordable and available right now, this is it.

A pick punch is literally a stapler-shaped thing that makes picks out of anything it can cut. Old credit cards, old greeting card stock, and so on. While it doesn't make the best picks in the world, any guitar player who uses one of these already knows this. However, any guitar player is happy to have one of these because when he or she runs out of picks (which does happen), the pick punch makes usable picks quick-and-easy.

However, there is also the pick punch that comes with strips, and that's what makes for a good gift.

The one seen above includes 10 strip sheets. There is also the "pick-a-palooza" that comes with the punch, sheets and a leather keychain pick holder.

The easiest of the easy is the pick-a-palooza gift pack. Why? Because it's made to be given as a gift. It doesn't get any easier than that.

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