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Ernie Ball Polypro is the only guitar strap worth owning

Ernie Ball Polypro guitar strap

No matter what, you always come back to this strap.

When you play guitar and you want to use the thing standing up, you need a guitar strap.

The Ernie Ball Polypro has basically been around forever, and it's the only strap worth having for the following reasons.

1. It's cheap

Less than $10 per strap.

2. It doesn't stretch

The polypropylene material it's made out of does not stretch. Ever. That's important.

3. Almost impossible to get dirty

Dirt does not stick to this strap. All it takes to clean one is a brush used dry. I say "almost impossible" to get dirty because if you tried hard enough, sure you could do it. But the point is you'd have to actually put in effort just to dirty one of these up.

4. The buckle moves easily to adjust, then stays put

It's sometimes difficult to adjust the buckle on straps. Not on the Polypro. The buckle moves easily. And then once adjusted, it stays there. Brilliant design.

5. Fits lengths from 36" to 68"

This is what makes this better than that cheap-ass strap at Guitar Center. If you buy one of those cheap straps from the guitar store, more often than not it will be too short. The Polypro goes from 3 feet all the way to a little over 5.5 feet.

6. The strap ends are actual real leather

USA made strap with real leather ends that stand the test of time. And again, yes, it is USA made.

7. Correctly sized strap ends

For whatever ridiculous reason, most guitar straps have wide ends. There is no good reason for them to be wide, yet they are. The ends on the Polypro are the same width (2") as the strap itself. This makes total sense because it stays out of your way and does its job.

8. Solid colors

You've seen tons of guitar straps in all sorts of dopey patterns. All anyone really wants is a solid color. Polypro has it. Black, Brown, Forest Green, Gray, Navy, Olive, Purple, Red, White and Burgundy.

Not sure which to get? Go black first

If you're debating which color to get, I suggest black first because that goes with any guitar you own. If you find you really like it, then go nuts and get some other colors.

Colors that I wish Ernie Ball would offer with their straps

If you want any of these colors to exist for Polypro straps, tell Ernie Ball you want it. And tell them I sent you. 🙂


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