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raiden fighters 2

Above: A shot of an old arcade game called Raiden Fighters 2. I located this old game at a small arcade in a mall in Ocala Florida.

The arcade, unfortunately, was absolutely dead. I remember back in the day that kids used to fill arcades before Nintendo, Sega and all the other home game console systems made their place in homes. But now, arcades are all but a memory.

I had a long talk with the girl who was working there. The arcade will be closing by the end of January 2007. Every game (including the one shown) is for sale. If I had the money, and moreover the space, I would have bought a few of the machines there.

A dream of mine is to one day open an arcade. I could go into great detail why mine would be successful while others fail, but that would take way too long to write out here. (grin)

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