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A nice offering from Schecter...

...if you like black, because that is the only color this comes in - but it does carry the color very nicely.

The Demon S-II sells for a nice price, and what comes to mind immediately is that it does sort of look like that black Epiphone G-400 Tony Iommi SG from the mid-2010s with the cross inlay markers on the fretboard.

The S-II is, of course, the better player's guitar compared to that Epiphone. Thin neck with flat 14" radius and big 'ol X-Jumbo frets. That's a rock guitar configuration for sure. And it has two active humbuckers on top of that.

And while I know this is a little thing, I appreciate the control knobs are metal and knurled. Some guitar makers cheap out with the knobs, but Schecter doesn't. I also appreciate the brightwork is black chrome and not the shinier stuff. It adds a touch of class and also makes the guitar look mean.

Oh, and the best part - the longer top horn and strap button position means this guitar does not have neck dive.

If you like the SG shape but wish something existed that was "massaged" to cure the neck dive, still look cool, be an awesome player all around and actually be affordable, S-II Demon is it.

Published 2024 Mar 21

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