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so how does it feel now that i finally own a jazzmaster?

I mentioned before that I wanted a Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster, and now I finally have one. I've owned it for a very short time, but how do I feel about it? Well, that's what this bloggo is about.

My reasons for buying the Jazz was for tone first and body shape second. A third reason is because it is one of the most "anti-metal" electrics that exists. As far as I'm aware, there are no famous metal players who play Jazzmasters. I like that. A lot. You could even arguably call the Jazzmaster a hipster guitar.

When I look at my Jazz on the guitar stand, I think to myself, "Wow, that's a cool guitar." In fact, it's the first Squier that I truly believe is a premium-grade axe in every way. The tuners are perfect, the neck, while glossed, actually feels right and the maple has a flame to it (yes, really). The rosewood fingerboard is nice and dark. The fret markers are purposely parchment-colored for that cool off-white look. The Candy Apple Red finish is perfect. The pick guard is a 3-ply with a proper thick black mid-stripe. The pickup covers are parchment as are the knobs. And of course there's the chrome. Shiny chrome on the bridge and a big-ass chrome piece for the vibrato plate.

In other words, the Jazz is on seriously swanky guitar. Heck, even the Squier logo on the headstock with the little "swooshes" looks correct. The guitar is just done right from stem to stern in look, form and function.

It's just a great guitar.

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