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Guitar of the week #70 - Squier Affinity Strat HH in Candy color option

Squier Affinity Strat in Candy Blue

This is the first time ever that I've seen a Squier priced this low with not one but three candy color options along with a few other goodies.

I'll first explain all the things that make this guitar unique and different compared to the stock Squier Affinity Strat.

Zebra pickup HH pickups. An HH Strat is nothing new, but seeing zebra color pickups in a Squier Strat priced this low is. This is the first time ever that I've seen zebra pickups in a Squier.

"Blackout" hardware. Black bridge/saddles, black tremolo arm and switch tip, black output jack, black tuners, black string trees.

Candy color option. This is where things get really interesting.

There are three of these.

First is the Candy Blue, seen above.

Second is Candy Green:

Squier Affinity Strat in Candy Green

Last is the Candy Pink:

Squier Affinity Strat in Candy Pink

Body color-matched decals on the headstock. You can see this on the pink model the most, but all the decals on the headstock are matched to the body color. While I have seen color-matched headstocks from Squier before, this is the first time I've seen color-matched decals.

What is a "candy" finish?

Heavy metallic flake. Extra-big chunks of metal are mixed in with the paint to give it a super-sparkle of sorts.

If the Squier brand has released a candy finish Strat before, I don't remember ever seeing one. I've certainly seen Fender Strats with the candy option (like the Dick Dale Stratocaster,) but not a Squier.

Price-wise, a candy Affinity Strat is $30 more than a regular Affinity.


Yes, absolutely. And a cheap collectible at that. The funny thing however is that it will be interesting to see which of the three colors will hold the most value in the future. You'd think it would be the pink one, but who knows? Maybe the blue or the green will command top dollar.

As for my pick of the three, it's the green one, and I have to explain that choice a bit.

Green, ordinarily, is an absolutely awful color for a solid-body electric, especially for a Strat. But the candy green with the zebra HH layout works for some strange reason.

I've only seen one other green Strat in my life, and that was the Eric Clapton Stratocaster in 7-UP Green. Ugly guitar. The Squier in candy green actually has more character to it.

For those of you that remember the Squier Strat in Orange Metallic, this is not a copy of that guitar. This one has way more metallic flake in the paint, a white pick guard instead of black, and it has the cool look of the zebra pickups.

How does it sound? Probably a bit on the bland side, but that's not why you buy this guitar. You buy it to get something that sticks out in a sea of Strats that all look the same.

One thing is for sure if you get one of these. Whether you play in a band or just make videos for YouTube, it will probably be true that you'll be the only one with a stock candy color Squier HH. The stuff on this guitar is what other players would mod their guitar to look like, but you won't have a mod a thing. Just plug in and go. Get yours.

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