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Guitar of the week #63 - Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s in Burgundy Mist


Is this a future collectible? Yes.

Some guy emailed me a while back and was asking me whether or not he should buy this guitar because he loved the color so much. I honestly think he had already made the decision to buy it and probably has by now.

Above is a Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s in a finish called Burgundy Mist, and it does come with the color matched headstock.

There is actually a history behind the color matched headstock. A long time ago, a headstock that matched the color of the body used to be considered a premium option that you would pay extra for. And in some respects, it's still that way today. The CV Strat is an upper-tier Squier. You definitely don't see low-tier Squiers with this finish option.

Is there anything special about this particular Squier CV '60s Strat other than its finish and color matched headstock? No. It is the same price as a CV '60s model in a more traditional color such as sunburst.

In other words, the fact you're not charged any extra for what should cost more is actually a pretty good deal.

Burgundy Mist is not everyone's color. And neither is Sherwood Green (which is a CV '50s model because of its maple fretboard and lower-output AlNiCo III pickups.) However, the color matched headstock does mean it's an instant collectible, and they will shoot up in value the moment Squier stops making them.

Is the CV a good Strat? Yes, it is. It's very easy player, sounds great and it's built well.

My recommendation is that if you have the cash, get one before they're gone.

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