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Squier Contemporary Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars

Squier by Fender Contemporary Active Stratocaster Electric Guitar - HH - Rosewood Fingerboard - Olympic White

I predict these will sell well.

Recently I saw that Squier just introduced several "Contemporary" models that look very similar to what Fender Japan was making a few years back. These are China builds, but they're well made and offered in configurations that most Fender models don't even offer.

Above is the Squier Contemporary Active Stratocaster Electric Guitar HH in Olympic White. Two knobs instead of three (which is quite nice so you don't accidentally hit the volume knob during play,) Floyd-Rose tremolo system, active electronics (the 9-volt battery compartment is in the rear,) Squier-branded pickups, and large reverse color-matched headstock. This thing is cool. It is also available in black.

Here are 3 other models:


Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH
Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH

This has the smaller traditional headstock and 2-post tremolo system instead of the Floyd-Rose.

Squier by Fender Contemporary Stratocaster Electric Guitar - HSS - Rosewood Fingerboard - Ocean Blue Metallic
Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HSS

Same as the Contemporary HH but with an HSS pickup configuration. Also available in black metallic and pearl white.


Squier by Fender Contemporary Telecaster Electric Guitar - HH - Maple Fingerboard - Dark Metallic Red
Squier Contemporary Telecaster HH

This is an HH Tele. Available in dark metallic red seen above, pearl white and black metallic.

And there's even a lefty version available!

What do I think of these?

All of them are cool simply for the reason they break away from traditional Strat and Tele designs and dare to be different.

Like I said above, these are like what Fender Japan used to make, and now they're here again in a Squier flavor. That's all good as far as I'm concerned.

It's very cool you can get these right now. And yes, all of them have color-matched headstocks. The models in pearl white specifically take to the matched headstock very nicely.

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