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I bought an SX Furrian

New guitar in the barn. And it's not a Squier.

SX from Rondo has been on my radar for a long time. Years, in fact. I decided to go ahead and get one and was not disappointed.

I go into detail about what I think of it in the podcast above, but here are a few extra thoughts.

I'm officially past the point of caring how the headstock is shaped

SX guitars in the Fender-esque style have headstock shapes that look nothing like Fender's Stratocaster or Telecaster shapes. This is obviously done on purpose for legal reasons so nobody mistakes an SX for a Fender.

Fender designs obviously have the legacy and the heritage. When applied to the Squier brand (owned by Fender), the headstock shape is in fact a selling point of those guitars.

At this point in my guitar playing life, what I care about more is how the guitar performs as an instrument rather than how it looks.

As I said in the podcast, the SX neck design is something I can't get from Fender nor Squier even if I wanted to. Not as a production instrument, anyway. Sure, I could ring up the Fender Custom shop and they'll make a Telecaster any way I want - for several thousand dollars. I'm not spending that kind of cash just for a neck I can get from SX on a complete guitar for under $200.

I know that no matter what I say here or elsewhere, those who care about headstock shapes will always go for the Squier or Fender first. The only way to get along with a guitar like the SX Furrian is to let go of that headstock shape and enjoy the guitar for what it is.

There is no compromise in getting an SX. None at all. The guitar is put together well and the build quality is solid.

I got to the point where I let go of the headstock shape and gave SX a try. Very glad I did, because yeah, it's good.

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