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The search for cotton


The hunt was successful.

What I mean by that is that I had to hunt around just to find cotton t-shirts, as in 100% cotton. The clothing industry likes to sneak in other fabric materials sometimes.

This is yet another example of Read The Label and Read The Fine Print at the same time. If you don't, you could easily be suckered into buying something you didn't want.

First, a question answered:

Why 100% cotton?

When it comes to shirts, jeans, hoodies, linings (meaning the inside of a coat) and so on, I've learned my skin absolutely does not like two very specific synthetic fabrics, that being polyester and acrylic. If my skin is touching either of those - especially if I start to sweat - I start itching.

For example, take beanies. Yes, 100% cotton beanies do exist and they're cheap, but don't try finding one at a Walmart or Target store because they don't have them. Every single beanie those stores sell is made of polyester. If I wear one of those, you guessed it, my head starts itching.

When cotton is not cotton

There's a reason I term it as "100% cotton" and not just "cotton". If the cotton content is not explicitly stated as 100%, there will be synthetic fabrics present.

A common example of this are with t-shirts where it will be 65% polyester, 35% cotton. Another example are jeans. Sometimes the waistband area will have synthetic fabric present that allows it to stretch, and the label will say something like 98% cotton, 2% spandex.

Back to the t-shirts, yes it's true the 65/35 blend does allow the shirt to hold its shape better and be more stain resistant. But I can't wear those because itch, itch, itch.

Poly poly everywhere in bedding

Like with the beanie example, yes, 100% cotton bedding does exist. It's easy enough to find a sheet set and blanket like that.

But again, unless you're specifically reading the labels and looking for cotton, everything will be polyester.

Another option for a non-synthetic is 100% silk bedding, but I never cared for the feel of silk. Some people really like it, but I'm not one of them. I'm a cotton guy.

Does silk cost more? It depends what you get. Yes, you can easily spend 500 bucks on a silk sheet set, but there are other options that are much, much less in price.

Are polyester and acrylic fabrics BAD for you?


But if you get itches from those fabrics such as I do, then yeah, you'll use cotton instead.

It would be nice if Walmart and Target stocked more 100% cotton clothes - with clear labeling.

Until then, I'll just keep ordering my 100% cotton stuff online.

Published 2024 Jan 19

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