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universal studios trip - part 2

Below: In the Studios side of the park, the area is set to resemble Hollywood. In the photo below you can see the Beverly Hills sign. You can also see the Terminator 2 3-D show which, admittedly, is good. It's really old, but really good.


Additional notes on T2: While old, the show is good. It still holds up to this day. The presentation is done well. Hard to believe this is all based on a movie made sixteen years ago. The best part is that even if you know absolutely nothing about T2, it's still good.

Below: One of the most famous cars in cinema history, one of the prop DeLorean cars from the movie Back To The Future.



Below: The Back To The Future Ride itself (it's to the right inside in a building - this is the sign).


As you may have seen from one of my previous posts, this ride as of March 30th 2007 is closed forever. I was happy to get the chance to experience it at least once. And I got some footage and some photos as well. I know that not too long from now I will be going back to Universal, only to see it's not there anymore. The ride will be gone and so will the car most likely.

Speaking of the car: I e-mailed DeLorean in Florida and informed them that the ride is closing. Why did I do this? Because the prop DeLorean car will either end up in one of two situations.

1. Stored and left in a Universal warehouse to rot its life away.

2. Destroyed.

The latter is most likely to happen. A car is obviously a big item and Universal may destroy it to make space. What I'm hoping will happen is that DMC Florida will take the car and restore it, or alternatively outright take the car for themselves, restore it and display it in their showroom.

Crossing fingers...

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