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Vintage guitar of the week #8 - 1965 Fender Jaguar

For many fans of this guitar, this is The Jag.

The '65 is a highly desirable Jag with a price tag to match. This is the kind of Jag that has the character Jag fans look for. It is the ultimate hipster Jag. Hipsters drool over guitars like this...

...but is it overpriced? Good question.

You'll see full photo sets on the link above along with its price tag. Personally, I think the guitar is priced at $800 too much. Prepare to do some dealing to get the price down so you don't overspend, if you go for the real vintage. 

Why did the Jag get a bump up in price?

Kurt Cobain. He played a sunburst Jag, but it was modified with dual humbuckers along with modified switchgear on the bottom horn. That guy was wildly popular with his band Nirvana in the '90s, fans saw him with his old Jag, and that's basically what brought the guitar back into the limelight again.

Now if you want to get really technical about it, the Jag Kurt used was a '66 and not a '65 (he stated that in a 1992 Guitar World interview.) If you want a '66 in sunburst, there are several to be had, but you'll notice that few of them have the weathered/checked look of the '65 models you'll see. When you want a Jag that has "that look," you have to go slightly older.

True, the '66 has neck binding while the '65 doesn't, but that's your preference whether you want that or not.

Newer, cheaper options?

Fender does make a reissue Kurt Cobain Jaguar with all the mods Kurt had on his.

For a traditional Jag, Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special fits the bill.

And, of course, there's Squier that has a Jag as well, including one in sunburst.

Worth it to get the real-deal '65?

For Jag fans, yes it is.

But like I said, I'd try to knock the price down by $800. That '65 totally has the look, no question there, but it's not worth its inflated asking price.

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