what watch am i wearing now?

There was a time when I seemed to be buying a new watch every month. What I bought was never anything expensive. The last one I bought was the Casio WV58A. I'd never owned a watch with atomic clock sync and wanted to experience that. The watch is fine, but I just don't like wearing it, so it's been repurposed as a small bathroom clock since it auto-sets itself every night.

After the WV58A, I said yeah, I'm done buying watches. That doesn't mean I stopped wearing one, so what am I wearing now?


What's on my wrist every day is the Casio W735H. I've owned this for a while now. For all intents and purposes, this is a G-SHOCK but with 100 meter water resistance instead of 200, and with a "10 year battery" which is just a CR2025.

The W735H has a single alarm, countdown timer, dual time feature, stopwatch, full weekday/date/time on the home screen, vibration feature and a very nice dual bulb white LED night light. The buttons are textured and very easy to press with just the right amount of give to them, which I very much appreciate. Yes, the watch is chunky but wears small. I have small wrists, so I appreciate that.

Ultimately, what made me go with the W735H full time is that it's actually the most comfortable watch I have, and it can "handle life". The raised bezel protects the crystal, and for any hit the crystal takes, Polywatch clears that right up with ease.

My favorite type of watch is something that tells me time, weekday, month and day all on one screen. The W735H does that. I mean, yeah, so does the W800H and W96H, but the W735H is more rugged, has a timer, better buttons and a vastly superior night light.

I tried wearing an analog watch a few times, and nope, not happening. I'm too used to digital and prefer it. And oh yes, I need that timer. I use it regularly when exercising or cooking. Quite handy.

The W735H has been on my wrist as my daily driver for months, so much to the point that wearing any other watch I have feels weird. Yes, I'm that used to it.

Does it keep good time? Yes. Mine loses maybe 1 to 2 seconds a week, which for quartz is fine.

The only thing I wish it had were multiple alarms and a timer auto-repeat feature. It doesn't have either of those things, but if I absolutely need that stuff, I have the F201WA. That little watch to date is still absolutely the way to get the most for the least. Full time/weekday/month/date on the home screen, five alarms with snooze on alarm 1, countdown timer with auto-repeat, easy-press buttons (again, much appreciated), stopwatch, dual time feature. Yeah, it's small and cheap, but again, absolutely nothing else for a cheap quartz digital offers the most for the least. Not even the storied AE1200. That one has a timer, but no auto-repeat like the F201WA has.

I like the W735H enough to where I'm okay living without the multiple alarms and timer auto-repeat.

The only thing I've seen come down the pike from Casio that might be the ultimate do-it-all for me is the WS1700H. Three alarms, timer with auto-repeat, easy-read display. Looks nice... but is probably to big for my wrist.

I'll most likely stick with my W735H.

Published 2024 Jun 13