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Digital modeling vintage '60s Clapton guitar tone

This was an attempt at getting that 1968 Eric Clapton sound which he calls Woman Tone...

...and I got it somewhat. It probably would have been better to try this with my Thinline Tele since it has a pair of humbuckers in it. But I felt like playing my Bullet Tele at the time, so that's what I used.

The sound I was specifically going after is the one heard in this 1968 Eric Clapton interview:

The "trick," if you will, to getting the sound heard here aside from technique is also including the stage reverb heard. There's a lot of it because of the way the interview was originally recorded.

I'll admit I went a little overboard with the reverb I used, but I think it works... sort of.

I'm not trying to be Eric Clapton. I just really dig the sound heard on that '68 interview. Sounds great to my ear.

How to get this sound

This is the effects chain order. It's very simple.

Compressor > Amp Sim > Reverb

The specifics on the Line 6 Spider V 60 amp I use:

  1. Red Comp (meaning MXR Dyna Comp)
  2. Brit J-2000 #2 (I don't know what amp this is supposed to emulate)
  3. Chamber reverb with 48% decay, 69% mix

The other part to getting Woman Tone is purposely turning down the tone control on the guitar as Eric shows in the '68 interview.

This is incidentally why most guitarists can't get Woman Tone out of a Strat, because in a standard wiring setup there is no tone control wired to the bridge-only pickup selection. It's easy enough to wire that in, but without it, no Woman Tone.

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