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Launchy and Twitter

LifeHacker posted an article on advanced techniques with Launchy, including posting to Twitter using Launchy and cURL.

There was only one problem, however.

For the Twitter instructions, the article states:

Finally, if you're actually a Twitter user, the twit.bat file should take care of you. Just open it up and change the username and password to match your own like above. Then you can update your Twitter status by invoking Launchy, typing twit, entering your status, and hitting Enter.

This doesn't work.

The proper instruction should be:

1. Invoke Launchy.

2. Type "twit" (without quotes).

3. Press TAB.

4. Now type your Twitter status.

5. Press enter.

And then it will work. If all you do is type "twit", press space and state your status, this doesn't work. But using the above method I just described does.

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KtecK's Amiga 500

On the #chris channel, one of the op's is KtecK. He mentioned he just acquired an Amiga 500, and that he got it for next to nothing, and it still worked.

I asked if he had any photos of it - he did.

Did I mention he also has the 1084 monitor and a joystick for it, too? 🙂

Awesome find.

Lettuce Lake Park

This is my successful attempt at getting my recently acquired FujiFilm A820 to focus on a subject other than what's in the center of the frame.

The manual for that camera explains how to do this. It's actually quite easy. 🙂

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