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Digital cameras need more wireless options

You've probably used a digital camera before, even if it was just a friend's camera.

Ever notice how much of a pain in the ass it is to get the photos from the camera to the computer?

My definition of "pain in the ass": Anything that requires a wire or the use of a memory card (remove card from cam, insert to computer, etc.)

My recently acquired FujiFilm A820 actually does have a wireless option. It's called IR-Simple.  That's great, but the problem is that you need an IR-Simple compatible device. You can transfer photos between FinePix series cameras, some printers and a few other options, but nothing really anyone already has.

One wireless option that lots of people have is Bluetooth.  My laptop has it already and lots of other laptops have it built-in also. But to find a digital camera that has Bluetooth connectivity? Good luck.

I searched B&H Photo for any digital camera that has Bluetooth. None exist.

Bluetooth exists in keyboards, mice and even some printers. Why not digital cameras?

Am I missing something here? How difficult would it be to put Bluetooth wireless in a digital camera?

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Tales from the ‘05 GMC Canyon: Blown Resistor part 2

I just got a call from the dealership. The resistor was blown but it also burnt out a connector with it.

Total cost to repair: $244

I absolutely did not need this expense right now.

Granted, in the grand scheme of things this is a low-cost repair, but still...

Tales from the '05 GMC Canyon: Blown Resistor

Yesterday I went to turn the air conditioning on in my truck and the first three (out of four) settings didn't work. Only the highest fan speed did.

I had a very similar problem on a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero. Turned out to be a blown resistor.

It seems the exact same issue is happening with my truck.

Today I will be taking the truck in for service. If all goes well, this will be under $100 total including labor. At the most $150.. hopefully. It depends if the entire board needs to be replaced (which would very very costly) or if just a small portion of the board needs replacement.

The truck has around 55,000 miles on it at present.

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