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5 crazy things you can buy direct from Amazon


It's crazy you can direct order this stuff.

Most people think of smaller items when it comes to buying things from Amazon. This is some of the bigger stuff, but with a twist. All of these are Amazon brands.

Starting with what you see above...

A couch (see price here)

This is an Amazon brand called Stone & Beam, and that particular brand has many, many offerings. Furniture, furniture sets, cookware and so on.

If Amazon ever gets to the point of opening local storefronts everywhere, I'm certain every one of them will have Stone & Beam offerings. And I'm also certain local furniture stores would get real scared, because S&B is genuinely good stuff.

Why would anybody bother ordering this from Amazon? The two main advantages are free shipping and a generous return policy.

Welded Outdoor Wire Crate Kennel (see price here)


I initially thought Amazon was charging way too much for this... until I checked the prices for the same thing at Home Depot. Amazon's price is actually competitive because of one word, welded. When you go welded with cover, the price jumps up for one of these quite a bit.

I did like that on this specific product listing, the "returnable until" date is listed right up front without even needing to add to cart. This is a big thing, so yeah it's important to know that info.

Height-Adjustable Gaming Desk with Raised Monitor Shelf (see price here)


This is another furniture item. What got me about this one is how low the price is.

If you use a PC, you need a desk for it, and this is what a decent modern computer desk is. I do like the monitor shelf a lot because that does promote a better seated ergonomic position. You're supposed to look directly at your monitor with your eyes at about the top third position.

I'll explain that one a little more.

Imagine your computer screen as 3 equal horizontal pieces. Top third, middle third, bottom third. When sitting in your chair at the desk, your eyes are supposed to be aligned between the top third and middle third. Why? Because this is the position where at no point you're craning your neck up or down to see anything, and that means less stress on your neck and eyes while using the computer.

Having a height-adjustable desk for computer use is just a really nice thing to have. I intend on getting one at some point.

30 computer mice (see price here)


I can actually see a legitimate need for people to buy 30 mice, and not just for business.

Some people have children that absolutely destroy computer mice routinely where they're lucky to get one month of use out of it, and that is the type of non-business-owner buyer who would get every penny's worth out of buying a 30-pack.

For the business owner, getting a 30-pack is smart for any computer used in an industrial environment, such as a warehouse or mill. Dirt, oil and so on destroys these things, so it's not a bad idea just to have a whole box of them whenever a replacement is needed. And it is always good to replace something with the exact same part whenever possible.

An entire pallet of printer copy paper (see price here)


I know the first question you have. How much paper do you get?

Answer: 40 cartons totaling 200,000 sheets.

This is one of the rare and few Amazon listings that has a solid 5-star rating. People just gush about how good this paper is. Reviews say it's a good value, the corners of the sheets are very square as they should be and quality is high.

The only real complaint anybody talks about is that delivery driver people really don't like delivering this because it's just annoying to ship. Well, that's their problem and not yours.

If you ever needed 200,000 sheets of printer paper, now you know where to buy it, and you don't need any kind of business account to make the purchase.

I should also note that on that listing you can get smaller numbers of sheets. You can order sheet counts of 500, 1500, 2500, 4000, or 5000, meaning you don't have to get 200,000. But it's there if you want it.

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