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Squier Sub-Sonic, the 24 fret baritone guitar from 20 years ago


This guitar definitely wins the award for Best Name Ever for a baritone electric.

On page 147 of the Fender catalog back in 2001, one photo appeared of a baritone guitar by Squier. It only came in one color, Black Metallic.

This was the Sub-Sonic Stagemaster Deluxe, even though "Stagemaster" nor "Deluxe" appears anywhere on the instrument.

Basically put, this thing looks like the Baritone Guitar of Doom. With the exception of the headstock logos, everything on this guitar is blacked out. Paint, hardware, controls, tuners, all of it. Nothing but black.

Also, this is a neck-thru. The back of the neck where it meets the body looks like this:


This thing would look totally at home at a heavy metal show, no question about that.

How much?

I've seen the Squier Sub-Sonic selling between $650 and $1,000.

This thing is somewhat rare and attainable.

The Sub-Sonic is one of the cleanest designs I've ever seen for a baritone electric, and it was also built to play. This was made at a time when Squier was trying to be "edgy" with newer modern guitar designs.

Remember, this is before the Classic Vibe Series existed, so this was the best stuff Squier was making at the time. And even though the Sub-Sonic is 20 years old, when you pick up one that's in good condition, it doesn't look nor feel old at all. The Sub-Sonic could easily be released today and would still be considered modern.

If you fancy an "evil" looking baritone electric, seek out a Squier Sub-Sonic. You won't be disappointed.

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