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***Secret FSR Fender guitars? Yes, they exist, and they're right here

Who can afford a $5,000 guitar?

Should you finance a guitar?

I've said before that financing a guitar is a really bad idea, however... if you actually need to purchase a "big" thing in an effort to rebuild credit and are confident enough you can swing a 2-year term, then yes, go for it.

For credit rebuilding purposes, yes it is easier to buy one moderately big thing instead of many little things. And by moderately big, $5K works for that purpose.

Would I personally go for the Hummingbird?

No, because I prefer electrics.

If I was intent on spending $5K, my choice would be guitar + combo amp, old-school style. Namely, a USA-made G&L Comanche and Fender Custom Deluxe '64 1x12 combo.

For those not familiar with the Comanche, it has "Z" coil pickups, sorta/kinda like a Precision Bass pickup where it has all the character of Strat single-coil with no hum. It's actually a really cool pickup design. And yes the guitar is available in a much less expensive Tribute import model. You don't need to blow over 2 grand to get one.

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