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A better green Fender Telecaster


If you're going to go green with a Telecaster, this is the way to do it.

I made mention of a seriously fugly Fender Telecaster Player Plus on Twitter in a terrible color called Cosmic Jade. Horrible. Green guitars are terrible.

However, this one isn't.

Above is a Fender Player Telecaster in Olive, and when it comes to a green Telecaster, this one is done right.

The darker green works great. The mint green pick guard works great with the body color. The dark fingerboard works with the body color also.

Would I actually own this guitar? Yes. I could see myself playing something like this often because it's a CME exclusive color (meaning not part of the standard Fender catalog).

I actually like the understated look of this quite a bit, because sometimes it will look black depending on the light, and other times the green shows up. I also really dig the fact there is no metal flake in this finish, giving it a super "smooth" look.

Olive, when done right, really works. And this Telecaster does. Heck, even the chrome looks more shiny and special when against Olive.

Is this Tele priced higher than others? No! You don't have to pay any extra to get it, so if green is your thing, get this guitar.


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