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A list of ridiculously accurate watches


When you want to-the-second accuracy, only certain watches can cut the mustard.

Certain types of guys like watches that are really, really accurate, almost to an obsessive level.

I'll start with the watch seen above, Bulova Precisionist 96B158. The second sweep is the smoothest you'll ever see (and I'm not kidding,) and only gains or loses a few seconds per year. Is it an atomic sync watch? No. The watch, all on its own, is literally that accurate. You'd think a watch like this would sell for thousands. It's way, way less than that.

The one issue some guys have with the Bulova Precisionist is the battery life. It's ridiculously accurate, but only has about 2.5 years before a battery change is required...

...and that's where solar atomic watches are usually the go-to for guys that want ridiculously good accuracy and a watch that doesn't need a battery change for 10 years. As long as a solar powered watch is kept in the light (room light is just fine,) the battery can easily last a decade. Sometimes even as long as 20 years.

The list below are all solar atomic watches, because when you want super accuracy with zero maintenance, you go solar atomic.

The list

Honorable mention: Any Seiko SNE model. If it's a Seiko and the model name starts with SNE, it's solar, but not atomic, meaning it's a regular quartz movement.

I mention the Seiko SNE because there are several smaller models that can very easily be used as dress watch timepieces for a more upscale look. Everything you can think of is offered. White dial, black dial, green dial, blue dial, date, day-date, chronograph, leather straps, stainless steel bracelet, gold, two-tone, black, smooth bezel, fluted bezel, round, square, rectangle... it's all there. The SNE is the "secret weapon" of Seiko. Very reliable and a crazy amount of choices.


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