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AeroBand PocketGuitar review

Better than a travel guitar? Yes.

AeroBand reached out to me and asked if I was willing to try the PocketGuitar product out, so they sent me one for free to review. While they didn't pay me anything, you can consider this a sponsored article.

The video above shows me actually using PocketGuitar for the first time. It did work.

I was happy to see that PocketGuitar did work on the first try. The app worked and did not crash. The response of the sweeping motion of the PocketGuitar to simulate guitar strumming did work, and work fairly well.

PocketGuitar could be used for songwriting because it is very easy to switch back and forth between chords, including many that you have never seen before.

This is better than a travel guitar

I've seen travel guitars for sale in guitar stores for years, but I've never seen the appeal of them. However, I can see getting actual good use out of PocketGuitar when traveling.

My practical side tells me PocketGuitar is the better thing to take on a trip. I could use PocketGuitar on a flight or on a bus easily. And I can keep it 100% silent just by using ear buds or headphones.

Another good practical use of PocketGuitar is for learning new chords - although I wish the app actually showed the guitar tabs for each chord presented. Maybe it will in the future. But even without the tabs, the app is an excellent reference to look up chords very quickly and hear what they sound like.

I think the best selling point of PocketGuitar is for travel, simply because it is the absolute smallest way to get guitar-like play that literally fits in the pocket.

I meant it when I said I would prefer to use PocketGuitar over an actual travel guitar. Smaller, easier, and most importantly, it works.

Do I have any complaints?

Yes, but they are very minor.

The instruction manual needs to have QR codes printed or say "Go to" to make it easier to find the AeroBand app.

The instruction manual should tell you to charge the PocketGuitar first before using it.

The app itself is very easy to figure out, but it could use a basic quick start guide. For example, in FreePlay mode, there could be a question mark icon (the ? symbol) the user could tap to see quick instructions.

Those are my only real complaints about PocketGuitar. Otherwise, it works exactly as it should, and the app was stable and operated normally.

Again, PocketGuitar did work on the first try as you can see in the video.

Would I recommend getting one of these? Yes. Great for travel and great for learning new chords with.

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