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Ana-digi G-SHOCK watches would be great if you could read them


Illegibility is the main reason I don't own a G-SHOCK ana-digi.

Quick definition first: Ana-digi means a watch dial that has both analog and digital display, meaning you'll see the hour and minute hands along with some LCD digital panels.

Before I get into the G-SHOCK ana-digi stuff, Casio does in fact know how to do an ana-digi correctly when it's not a G-SHOCK, like this:


Now that is the way to do it right. What you're seeing above is a WVA-M630D-9AJF, part of the Casio WVA Waveceptor series (all of which look great, and yes they have atomic timekeeping).

When Casio wants to, they sure know how to build an ana-digi correctly.

Heck, even the cheap HDC-700 model has a proper legible ana-digi design.

But G-SHOCK ana-digi? Awful.

The model shown at top is the GM-S2100CH-1A. You might look at that and think hey, that's an interesting blend of silver, red and gold... what's the problem?

Look at the tiny negative display panels. Those are absolutely and totally unreadable. Sure, you can read the analog hands, but those tiny panels? Forget about it.

It is NOT EASY finding a G-SHOCK ana-digi where everything is properly legible for both hands and LCD panels...

...but I found one (yes, just one):


That's the GA-700MG model, and I can't wear it.

Why? Too big. 57.5mm lug-to-lug, 53.4mm diameter and a whopping 18.4mm thick. There's no way I could wear that thing and have it look proper on my wrist.

However, yes, it does go to prove a legible ana-digi G-SHOCK does exist.

But obviously, I'd take the Waveceptor instead.

Or, I'd pass on the digital altogether and get the Casio Edifice EFS-S570YDB-2AJF, because that thing is gorgeous - with sapphire crystal and solar power. Good stuff.

Published 2023 Oct 31

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