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And then there were the right two


Out with the old, in with the older.

The new Fender Player Stratocaster I bought late last month has been returned, replaced with a 32-year-old guitar.

Why was the '21 Stratocaster returned? I could not get the guitar feeling right no matter what I did to it, even after fixing the tight string tension issue with a $10 part.

To be clear, there was nothing wrong with the Fender guitar. It sounded fine, played fine and did everything right...

...but the magic just wasn't there. That's the feeling that was missing.

I specifically bought a Fender Stratocaster after playing my first guitar that I still have, a 1989 Squier II Stratocaster, after sitting in its case for many months.

Since the Fender didn't work out, I said screw it, I might as well try to find another '89 Squier II. I did, and bought it.

I learned a huge lesson by getting this guitar.

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