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A baritone Telecaster actually makes sense

Squier Classic Vibe Baritone Custom Telecaster

A baritone in this flavor is "more baritone" than others and I'll tell you why.

The Squier Classic Vibe Custom Telecaster - which you can see what it sells for here - is something where at first glance you may ask, "Why?", but it does actually make sense as a baritone guitar.

When I first picked up this guitar (video below), I did not know it was a baritone because it looks just like any other Telecaster. But then I felt the thicker strings, noticed the neck was longer, read the tag and then thought, "Oh, cool, a baritone, let's try this out."

Is it difficult to play?

Not at all. Bear in mind I normally play .008 to .038 gauge strings on my guitars, and this baritone Squier which uses .014 to .068 gauge was truly easy-to-play.

You may be thinking, "Whoa, those strings are way too thick for me!" That would be true if using standard tuning, but this is baritone tuning, which typically starts with the lowest note as B and not E, meaning two-and-a-half steps below E.

In other words, believe me, you can totally play this. Again, I normally play 8-38, this guitar is 14-68, and I wasn't straining at all.

Another thing I can say about this baritone - and believe me, it's a huge compliment when I say this - is that it feels exactly like a regular Telecaster except for thicker strings and a longer 27" scale neck. There is no learning curve whatsoever with this guitar. Plays like a Tele, feels like a Tele, and is absolutely not something where you have to relearn how to play just to get used to it. You can pick this up just like any other guitar, strum away and have a good time with a lower tuning.

The Telecaster makes sense as a baritone

Lower tuning is typically attributed to metal players that want something lower and "meaner" sounding.

That is not what this Telecaster is about, thankfully.

The best use of this guitar is for clean, spanky tone in a low tuning.

If you want that Rebel Rouser sound:

...or maybe a Rock Lobster by the B-52's sound or any sound where it's low, clean and really punchy, that's why you get a baritone Telecaster.

A stock set of Tele pickups really lends well to a baritone configuration, and that's why a baritone Telecaster actually makes sense.

If you love that low-and-clean tone, then yes, pick up one of these.


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