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Three killer Epiphone guitars in Olive Drab


Green usually doesn't work on a solid body electric guitar. However, this green does work spectacularly well on these three Epiphone models.

The first one is seen above, Epiphone Flying V in Olive Drab.

Next up:


Above is the Epiphone Explorer in Olive Drab.

Lastly, my favorite of the lot:


...the Epiphone Firebird in Olive Drab.

Yes, a Firebird. Is the Firebird graphic there? Yes, it is. You can see it on the pick guard in the usual place.

Every one of these models have ProBucker pickups in them, meaning Epiphone did use the good stuff with these guitars. They are all premium model Epiphone solid-body offerings.

Why is the Firebird my favorite? It's the only one with block fretboard inlays, a gold Epiphone logo on the headstock and silver topped control knobs. Strictly speaking from an appearance point of view, the Firebird has the most contrast.

However, the Flying V has what appears to be a chromed logo, which in itself is cool.

It would honestly be a tough decision to decide which of these to get. Even though the Firebird is my favorite of the bunch, I'd happily own all three.

Published 2023 Mar 28

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