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Bilt Relevator LS

BilT Relevator LS

This is what happens when everything goes right and wrong at the same time.

Above is a BilT Relevator. It is a combination of multiple guitar designs into one.

Now before continuing, yes I would play this. I actually do like it. But at the same time I hate it.

I'll start with the headstock. It's a design heavily borrowed (or said politely, inspired) by the semi-hollow body Fender Starcaster. I don't have a problem with this, but in my experience there are days when the outline looks really cool and others where it just looks terrible. What's 100% true is that it clashes against the black block inlays because there's a nice curve at the headstock that smashes right into sharp angles after it. The outline should be thinned significantly and go around the entire headstock to match up with the binding (which would work, aesthetically).

The grain of the neck wood looks great. No complaints there.

On the body there's a mish-mash of Fender Jazzmaster, Fender Jaguar, and Gibson Firebird all at the same time.

The Firebird comes from the 3 pickups. Those are mini-humbuckers. Or at least they appear to be.

The Jaguar comes from the split pick guard with the plastic piece in the middle and two metal pieces on the ends.

The Jazzmaster comes from the use of the Mastery bridge (yes, that is a real-deal Mastery you see there), two-circuit layout and the fact the body is offset.

On the body there are forearm and rear "belly cut" contours, so yes the guitar is comfortable to play, presuming it's weighted correctly (I don't know the weight specifications).

Is it good?

I honestly don't know. This guitar confuses me. I love it yet I hate it.

Would I own it? Yes.

Would I buy it? No. Costs too much. End of story. I'll stick with my Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster.

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