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A very weird '90s Fender color, Blueburst


This one is weird enough to where it almost doesn't look real, yet it is.

The '90s. A time when Fender's angle was showing off modern designs and features, and that included the finish choices.

One color of the '90s that a blue/purple looking thing is Midnight Blue...

...but then there's Blueburst. This color goes all over the place. Some are just the burst. Some are transparent where you can see straight wood grain. Some are transparent and flamed (yes, a blue flame). Some are heavy quilted, some light quilted.

The majority of the Blueburst finishes are on '90s Stratocaster guitars, although some Telecasters exist.

Years later, the color made a reappearance on the Jazz Bass and the Player Stratocaster HSS Plus Top, but it doesn't have quite the same blue punch the '90s finish had. It appears there's some green with the newer Blueburst towards the middle of the body.

But that '90s Blueburst... wow. It's a feast for the eyes, and yes it was a premium color option at the time. The '90s Fender guitars with that finish are decades old now, but certainly do not look it. Blueburst is a finish that still looks fresh even now.

Published 2024 Feb 27

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