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brain candy

Brain Candy

Brain Candy is a movie from 1996 that came about as the result of The Kids In The Hall television show. This is one of those movies that has cult status to it and nothing more, because in all honesty, it's terrible.

The first reaction to this movie is usually, "KITH made a movie?" Yep. It's that forgettable.

There are many problems with this movie. It was scripted like a TV show, you can tell it was rushed, there are things in it that just shouldn't be there, and the list goes on and on. And as is the case with most TV-to-movie films, television actors usually don't translate well to the silver screen. This is not to say they can't act because they can - but there is a huge difference between TV acting and movie acting, and what works on the small screen usually doesn't on the big screen.

When watching this you're waiting for the funny to happen, and it just doesn't. Well, almost doesn't. Just about all of Scott Thompson's scenes are funny at least for a moment. But those happen really early in the movie and the rest of it just drags along until the dumb ending.

A lot of times this movie tries way too hard to be funny and you can totally see right through it. And then the movie just does weird things that make no sense. Like in the beginning, you think the entire movie is going to be narrated by the cab driver, but that doesn't happen. He's there, then not there for a really long time, then there, then he's at the end again. There's many areas where things are just really disconnected, because like I said, it's scripted like a TV show with a weak movie plot thrown in.

Some people swear this movie is very funny. I don't think so. It has awkward humor that doesn't work, plot holes everywhere, almost zero pacing and it's a chore to get through it.

Give this one a pass. You won't be missing anything.

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