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My cheap Casio watch collection


So this is where things are five-and-a-half years later.

In 2011, I unintentionally started a Casio digital watch collection. I say unintentionally because I wasn't intending on collecting watches at all. But here it is almost 5.5 years later, and now I own a bunch of them.

The one that started it all and isn't shown in the photo because the strap is busted is model F-28W. This model is no longer made, but I still own the watch and will get a replacement strap for it someday.

The rest seen in the photo left-to-right are models AE1200WH-1A (with modified insert), W93H, F-91W, A158W, A158WEA, B640WD-1A and A500WA.


Cheapest of the bunch is the F-91W bought for about $10 and the most expensive was the A500WA bought for about $29. The rest of them were between $15 and $25.

The daily wearer

The watch I wear daily is the AE1200 because I do have legitimate need for its specific features. The AE1200 has 5 alarms, and there have been days where I've used all 5. It also has a countdown timer, and I do use that regularly.

I use the W93H only as a timer for when I do my workouts. It has a countdown timer with auto-repeat. The AE1200 has a timer also, but doesn't the have auto-repeat feature.

Resin strap only

I don't wear any watch with a steel bracelet these days because Florida heat + steel bracelet is a bad combination. The bracelet sticks, marks up my skin and just looks bad even with the slightest sweat.

I've learned the hard way that leather, canvas and nylon watch straps don't work well with Florida heat either. None of them stick from sweat, but do periodically stink from it. Remember, it's fabric, and fabric soaks up liquid, which includes sweat.

The resin strap is the best for Florida heat. If the strap starts to stick to the skin from sweat, loosen one notch and you're good to go. If a lot of sweat gets on the strap, find a sink and wash the strap off. Very easy.

For a super duper cleaning, use Windex or dish soap on the strap. Works great.

What do I do with all the Casio watches I don't wear?

They stay boxed for those where I saved the boxes. The others are in a little plastic container I have. I can't sell the watches because they're really not worth anything. I haven't thrown any of them out because they all still work just fine and they hardly take up any space.

This is usually how most people end up with cheap Casio digital watch collections. It's normal to go through a bunch of different models before you find one that really works for you. For me, I decided on the AE1200 model (unless something else comes along that I like better that's cheap).

Again, I did not intend to have a Casio watch collection. It just kinda happened.

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