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Older Garmin models worth getting (updated 2022 edition)


Back in 2018 I wrote about the Garmin models worth getting. Things have changed a bit, I've acquired some more Garmin GPSes since then, and these are the good ones worth getting in 2022.

These will be listed from newest to oldest.

Current (as of March 2022)

Garmin Drive 52

This is the very last made-for-car matte screen Garmin GPS that is being sold new. I use this regularly and yes, it's a decent unit.

You should get this book specifically written for the 52 if you intend on using one regularly so you can maximize battery life, understand how to rest the GPS signal if needed, learn your way around the unit quickly, and so on.

Out of production (but easily acquired and can be updated)

These are listed from newest to oldest.

7-inch models

Not many to choose from here when it comes to older stuff.

From newest to oldest:

You may want to consider the Garmin DriveSmart 65 or Garmin DriveSmart 61 instead. Both are technically not 7-inch, but just barely. A regular 7-inch has a 7" diagonal screen measurement, and the 61/65 have a 6.95" diagonal. Barely a difference. For all intents and purposes, both are 7" models.

Rich's picks

For a 4.3", the nuvi 2497LMT is the best of the lot.

For a 5.0", Drive 52 and and nuvi 2589.

For a 6.0", nuvi 2659, nuvi 2699.

For a 6.95"/7.0", DriveSmart 65, DriveSmart 2789.

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