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Casio F-91W cheat sheet

Setting the date

The F-91W does have a date feature.

Why set the date?

The reason to set the date is so that the day is correct. For example, June has 30 days and July has 31. If you have the date set incorrectly, at some point the watch will show the incorrect day of the month at the top right of the display.

The F-91W does not accommodate for leap years. A leap year happens every 4 years where instead of February having only 28 days there is 29. During a leap year, you will have to reset the date on March 1 so it is correct again. This is not a big deal since you only have to do this once every 4 years.

Setting the month

After the minutes are set, press L once. The screen changes where the clock disappears and only the month shows, which will be blinking.

Use A to set the month.

If you forget which number is which month, use the list below.

1 = January
2 = February
3 = March
4 = April
5 = May
6 = June
7 = July
8 = August
9 = September
10 = October
11 = November
12 = December

Setting the day

After the month is set, press L once. The day at top right of the display will be blinking. Use A to set the day.

Setting the weekday

After the day is set, press L once. The weekday at top middle of the display will be blinking.

Use A to set the weekday.

The weekday is displayed using two letters on the F-91W display. This is what each means:

SU = Sunday
MO = Monday
TU = Tuesday
WE = Wednesday
TH = Thursday
FR = Friday
SA = Saturday

Exiting the settings

Press C once.

Published 2019 Nov 21

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