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Casio MTP-1370D, the poor man's Rolex Day-Date


It's not a Rolex, but you can definitely afford it.

This a technically a discontinued model, but there are still some on Amazon and eBay, so if you want one of these, get it now before they disappear.

What makes this Casio a poor man's Rolex Day-Date? The day display, as in the cutout at the top of the dial displaying the entire word for the day of the week where you see MONDAY instead of MON, TUESDAY instead of TUE, and so on.

The Casio 1370 does not copy the Day-Date look exactly (the Day-Date has the date at the 3 o'clock position with a cyclops magnifier), but the eye is immediately drawn to that top day cutout that the Rolex Day-Date has.

Usually, there are either Roman numerals or diamonds for hour markers on the Day-Date, but there are some models that are all sticks with smooth bezel, just like the 1370 has.

The 1370 is one of the few "long day" watches out there

There really aren't that many long day watches. A few are the Hamilton Jazzmaster Day Date, Tissot Couturier and Bulova 96C125. But all of those are far more expensive than the Casio.

I got this watch because the size is right for my 6.7" (17cm) wrist and I just really like the look of the 1370. There's something about that long day display that has elegance to it.

Official Casio measurements state the watch is 45mm lug-to-lug, 39.8mm diameter and 8.8mm thick - however - that diameter measurement is with crown. Actual diameter measurement is about 38mm.

The only thing bad about this watch is the date display at 6 o'clock. Very small. Single digit days can be read okay, but some may have to squint to read the 2-digit days...

...but who cares? The 1370 has a Rolex Day-Date look for the lowest possible price with Casio quartz reliability, whisper quiet ticking and the seconds hand hits the marks properly.

I'm happy I got mine.

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