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Casio MWD100H is a weird one


This watch just appeared in my life...

...and I actually like it.

I did not buy this watch. Rather, it was given to me. The guy who owned this before got the watch, literally never set it and put it on a shelf. The last time I was at his place, I said hey, cool watch. Some time later, he remembered I said that and gave it to me. Now I own it.

The MWD100H is not expensive at all, but at the same time a model I never would have actually bought just based on the sizing alone.

This model has a 51.8mm lug-to-lug, 50.7mm diameter and is 13.7mm thick. Going by those numbers, the MWD100H should look like a pie plate on my small, flat wrist (about 6.6"), but it doesn't. It actually works.

I get into why this is in the video below, but the somewhat-cushion shape of the case combined with the fact the bulk of the size comes from the bezel rather than the dial is where the magic happens.

There is part of me that still can't believe I can wear a watch almost 51mm in diameter and get away with it, but with this one, I can.

Strangely classy?

There's real metal on this thing. The bezel itself is a brushed steel with real set screws while the rest of the case is that fake steel shiny resin stuff, and underside has a steel plate for battery access.

That brushed steel bezel, for some reason, even with all the printing on it, gives this watch a classy look. But it's a classy look that will mess with your head.

Somehow, this watch escapes looking cheap even though it is. You see that metal bezel play with the light, reflections happen and you think hey, not bad. When you see the watch on your wrist in the mirror from a distance, you once again think hey, not bad.

This watch has presence while at the same time not being in-your-face about it. It looks more expensive than it is. It looks high-tech even though it's not.

And there's the whole big-yet-not thing going on tying it all together.

Like I said, the style of this watch will mess with your head.

I can't explain in photos, videos or words truly why this watch works. It just does.

Ultimately, this is a darned fine cheap daily wearer, especially for G-SHOCK owners or people that just prefer digital over analog.

Published 2023 Sep 26

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