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Cheap computer storage options and realistic expectations

I set a new 64GB limit for archive file sizes

I use WinRAR to archive my stuff. It has a feature (7-Zip also does this too) where you can split large archives into individual smaller files, and you can set the split size to whatever you want. I used to use a 4GB split. Now I use 64GB.

Given that my data backups are bigger these days, it made sense just to make the jump straight to 64 from 4. I chose 64 for two reasons. First, the amount of time it takes to transfer that amount of data over USB 3.0 or to a Class 10 memory card is not that much of a bother. If it were USB 2.0, then oh yes, it definitely would be a bother. But not for 3.0. Second, I'm only going to use my 32GB stuff for older tech hardware I have. Everything else starts at 64, so again, it made sense just to go with that.

If you use Windows and know your way around a command prompt or PowerShell, I strongly suggest using robocopy to copy large amounts of files from drive to drive. Robocopy is built-in to Windows and is far more reliable than copy, xcopy or using the GUI.

You're going to make big files from time to time and need to copy them elsewhere for backup. Use robocopy to copy those files. Believe me, it's worth learning how to use it.

It's still a low-res world on the internet

While I bumped up the data sizes for things I store locally, I'm standing pat with data sizes of stuff I post online.

It's still a 2-megapixel/1080p online world. Not much has changed from 2015 to 2020. The tech is certainly cheaper as there are $30 smartphones now that can take 8MP photos, but the absolute maximum resolution you see on social media is about 4MP. Again, maximum. The average you see more often than not is 2MP, be it photo or video.

Maybe someday the online world will have 12MP-or-greater photos and super-high-res videos everywhere, but I doubt that will happen any time soon.

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