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Cheap guitar of the week #25 - REVV RPX-1


The ultimate "workhorse shredder axe?" Maybe.

I'll be totally honest here. This is a guitar I would never buy. I don't like the HSH pickup configuration, I don't like guitars with 24 frets on them and I don't like Floyd-Rose style tremolo...

...but there are things to this guitar that make it worth owning for some.

The REVV RPX-1 has two really awesome things going for it.

First, it carries its own look and does it well without trying to copy anyone else. That's a rare thing. You might think, "Eh... kinda looks like an Ibanez." Not really. This is just a plain Super Strat style guitar that doesn't pretend to be something it's not.

Second, this is what I call a "shredder's workhorse" guitar. It's cheap, it looks good and most importantly, it can be worked on, as it does have a bolt-on neck.

Here is why the bolt-on is important:

Any shredder could buy this guitar, take off the neck, scallop it, level the frets (and maybe file the edges a bit,) and ta-da, instant cheap scalloped fretboard shredder axe. I don't play guitars like that, but there are plenty who would. All they need is the project guitar to mod, and you can't do much better than REVV RPX-1 for a cheap-ass shredder axe.

A few other reasons why the REVV is good guitar to mod is that it has everything routed out already. Toss in a pair of better humbuckers and maybe a better single-coil for the middle position? Do it. Swap out the tuners and locking nut? Go right ahead.

The REVV is one of those "made to be modded" guitars.

Oh, and bonus: The guitar actually has a Licensed Floyd-Rose trem system on it. No, it's not as good as Original Floyd-Rose, but the fact it has anything Floyd-Rose in it for the price this sells for is impressive.

There are four colors available. White, black, blue and yellow. I like the yellow one best because it makes the guitar look like it came straight of the the 1980s. And that's not a bad thing.

The body was definitely designed right. How do I know? The top horn extends exactly to where it should, right over the 12th fret. What does that mean to you as a player? No neck dive. Ever. The bottom horn also sticks out enough to where this would be a really comfortable sit-down guitar as well.

No, it's not an Ibanez, Jackson or Schecter. But given how cheap it is, who cares? Buy and mod the crap out of this thing. Do light modding with some small fret work or major modding with a scalloped fretboard along with some new electronics.  Whatever you decide to do, the guitar is yours for the modding.

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