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Cheap guitar of the week #26 - VOX SDC22


Very cool, cheap, collectible, and most importantly - sounds awesome.

The VOX SDC22, which you can get here is one seriously cool guitar.

For most guitar players, VOX is best known for their amps, such as the AC30 and AC15. But yeah, they make guitars too. Every now and then they come out with something really good for a nice price, and the SDC22 is one of them.

What does this guitar sound like?

You can think of the SDC22 as an SG with screaming Les Paul tone to it, which is one fine combination. The best way to describe the sound of this guitar is "all humbucker, all the time."

What gives this guitar the sound it has?

The pickups are called XLMTM ("Xtra Loud Mini"). They are mini-humbuckers, but wow do they pack a punch. For passive electronics, this thing screams.

How does it play?

It's been reported that the guitar has a thin neck to it, so for you chunky neck fans, sorry. But for those of you that like them thin (as in close to Gibson slim taper thin,) that's what the neck feels like.

Is this guitar currently in production?

No. VOX does not keep guitars in production for long. But you can still find a few of these new at the links above.

Should you get one?

If you like "hot" Les Paul tone, yes. And if you want an easy collectible guitar, that's another yes. The SDC22 looks good, sounds good, has the VOX name, is well-appointed and the price is right.

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