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Cheap guitar of the week #36 - Jackson JS32 Dinky DKA-M

Jackson JS32 Dinky DKA-M

This is the best cheapest rock/metal maple board guitar that exists right now. Get one before you lose your chance to own it.

One thing sells this guitar more than anything else: A bound, yes bound maple compound radius 12-to-16-inch neck.

A maple board front-and-back with a compound radius is usually only reserved for high-end model guitars with "fast" necks. This one is cheap, and it's a Jackson.

How does it sound? Doesn't matter. Seriously, it doesn't. If you want a thin, fast compound radius neck with maple everywhere, this is it. You buy this guitar for the neck. If the pickups sound awful, swap them out for something else because in the end you're still saving big.

Now while true there are other axes out there for cheap with the binding and compound radius, it is very difficult to find one with a bound maple fretboard. Jackson delivers here.

You'll see from the link that the guitar is available in black or white. Both look great for what they are. The white one, for whatever insane reason, is $30 less than the black one is, even though it's the exact same guitar. And bear in mind the guitar is already selling at a cheap price to begin with.

Even if you never use the vibrato system but really love a thin, fast neck with the maple look, get this guitar anyway.

When I saw this, I thought, "WHOA!" because you never see this kind of neck option on a low-priced model.

Like I said, go get yours now, because once it becomes known there's a fast and cheap maple-fretboard from Jackson, believe me, it will sell out quick.

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